1) A storyboard for your project (see in the book pages 106-109 on how to make a storyboard)


2) Pre-production list — this should include: location information, props needed, actors and their contact information (if you decide to have actors outside of the class), any other materials you may need for the shoot.)

Location Information:
1. Apartment Room
2. Streets of New York
3. Hunter College West Exterior
4. Hunter College 7th Floor
5. Hunter College Room W714

1. Fake Marijuana
2. Fake Bomb (possibly harddrive)
3. Fake Vomit Juice
4. Condoms
5. Banana
6. iPhone
7. Catnip

Sam LI – 917 291 2318
Stephen DesRochers – 203 246 3496
Professor at school: ??

3) A synopsis of your project idea (this is part of your pre-production list — a written explanation of your piece shot by shot in present tense: ex “Bob emerges from the subway and enters the front doors of Hunter College.  He takes the escalators up and the  enters an elevator.  Walking down a hallway, Bob comes across a man passed out on the floor – but he walks right past him… etc.”)

Sam and Stephen smoke a joint when Stephen’s girlfriend tells them that they are smoking catnip. Late for class to hand in their final paper, they run to Hunter College. The effects of the drugs hit them when they arrive at Hunter College. Outside, they overhear a student mention a bomb in the school. They run up to the 7th floor, see the bomb, and try and diffuse it with the materials in their bookbag. They are able to diffuse the bomb. They walk into the class and hand in the paper feeling great about themselves. The professor asks Sam and Stephen why they feel so happy. They reply that they just diffused the bomb. As they walk away, the professor quietly yells the word “FUCK!” END.

4) Someone from your group MUST bring an external harddrive to class next Thursday as you will be editing your work outside of class. The harddrive needs to be at least 50 GB in order to have enough space for all the footage. 



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