Monthly Archives: March 2012

This is the movie poster for Wes Anderson upcoming film, Moonrise Kingdom out in theaters this May 25th. I decided to pick this poster to write about for this class because I was always struck by how Wes Anderson decides to use colors for his films. And I think this poster portrays his signature stylistic approach to his movies.

The first thing that I see is the font color on the poster. After his first two films, Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, Wes Anderson has developed a stronger fascination with the color yellow and it has slowly grown more and more present in his future films.

Going back to the Moonrise Kingdom Poster, not only the color of the text that captures my eyes, the font type grabs my attention. One other thing I noticed that it’s conventional in the way that the credits are located on the top as opposed to the industry poster standard of having them at the bottom. Moonrise Kingdom is basically a film about two kids who run away together and I think this poster just gives off that vibe. I love how there’s a trail in the background going into the woods and the animals that fill the space. The poster is simple and colorful. The soft colors gives me the impression that it’s almost painted too. And I think that somehow ties in with the main character having a fascination with painting.