Monthly Archives: February 2012

My work in film focuses on creating a story that establishes an intimate connection with the audience on an emotional level. It is a strange and wonderful privilege to have an audience’s undivided attention as they board my emotional roller coaster. It is here I have to chance to present how I feel and think about the world of today. I want to make them laugh, to make them upset, to make them cry. To let them feel the love in front of them like they never had. To let them live vicariously in the dangers of uncertainty to which life rewards those who dare. With fear as their excitement and love as their light, here they live in an inspiring realm of lasting wonder and compelling hope where we can explore and learn something new about ourselves and others. Most importantly, I want to make them think. I refuse to allow them be the same person when the ride is over and the lights slowly fade back on its attention to reality.

Because I am a young artist, I enjoy the passionate sensation of continually discover what matters to me the most, and the specific direction in which my work will concentrate, transform, and develop towards. I am currently focused on the subjects about coming of age, the lost hope for love, the dangerous allure of lust, the powerful significance of dreams, the nostalgia for youth, the gentle hum of carelessness, sex, freedom, depression, unhealthy obsessions, strangers, drugs, and all the consequences that come from them. My work takes heavy influence and practiced theory from surrealist painters, romantic writers, and contemporary American filmmakers.

There are two objectives I want to regularly advocate outside of my works. First, I want to sever the connection of creative interpretation in cinema from literary analysis taught by past film critics. Cinema has its own unique language like all other mediums of art and I aspire to refine and redefine the conventional ways  that films can be seen as visual poetry. Secondly, I want to spread the awareness and the importance of image storytelling. With the exponential growth of video usage, not only should the schools make it a necessity to educate the next generation how to read and write, but how to read, write, and see.